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Before I had my hearing devices, my life was muffled and aggravating.  Most of the time I couldn’t hear or understand what anyone was saying. My wife and I would not say much to each other because we were afraid of miscommunication.  My kids even tended to not say much to me because they didn’t want to repeat themselves.  I felt closed off and alone sometimes.  

After my hearing devices however, life totally changed.  For the first time I heard everything, even the air blowing thru the vents in my truck.  Getting my hearing aids has changed my life tremendously.  I can even carry on a conversation with my granddaughter without asking her to repeat herself.  It is an amazing feeling.

Thank you for giving me my life back.   


I have been more than happy with Dr. Adams, Debi and the entire staff.  I just acquired new Widex hearing aids and for the first time in years I can hear.  I highly recommend this organization.  


After much research into the ins and outs of hearing aids, I was led to the Bowie Hearing Center, which was highly recommended by local resources.

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Adams, a knowledgeable and competent professional in her field. She was helpful to explain the significance of all the tests and procedures, and at no point did I ever feel pressured to make an investment right away. In fact, I kept in touch with her over several months while taking time to make the decision. She selected the best aid for my needs, and has been helpful in fine tuning during followup visits.

I have felt empowered with my newfound sounds, I can follow conversations now, and no longer need to say "what? huh?" My famiy is very glad!  

Debi, the office assistant and receptionist, is a delight to know: friendly, helpful, patient, welcoming.

Just a very nice, competent place with which to do business. 
Thank you so much Dr. Newcomb for your very thorough hearing exam.  My left ear's hearing is very much improved!  Thank you so very much!   
For our first time ever with an audiologist, we had the best!  You appear to be very competent, professional, pleasant and helpful.  It was a pleasure to meet you.